Chapter 7 Current phosphor device technology

Title Chapter 7 Current phosphor device technology
, Elsevier 2004
More details: Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the latest devices and the phosphors currently employed in them. Many phosphors that have been developed for the particular display purposes are discussed. The chapter discusses how the light sources such as, incandescent and fluorescent lamps are going to become obsolete as the quality of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) improves. The phosphors will continue to be used to make light emitting \{LED\} light sources. The main advantage of the \{LED\} lamp is that, it uses milliwatts of power, compared to watts of power for the incandescent and fluorescent lamp. The chapter surveys the present-day devices utilizing phosphors emphasizing the recent improvements made in cathode-ray tubes (CRT) and fluorescent lamps. The devices that depend upon thin film deposition for the manufacture of the appliance are described. The devices that use phosphors responding to high energy photons like X-rays and gamma rays (high energy X-rays) are described. The chapter also describes scintillators that are the phosphors used to detect $\alpha$, $\beta$ and $\gamma$ rays from incident sources.

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