14 - Flotation of Lead-Zinc Ores

Title 14 - Flotation of Lead-Zinc Ores
Author: Bulatovic, Srdjan M
, Elsevier 2007
More details: Publisher Summary Most of the lead?��zinc ore contains silver and to a lesser degree, gold. Almost 85\% of the silver production in the world comes from lead?��zinc ores. Silver recovery in a large number of ores, specifically from South America, is emphasized, and some of these circuits were in fact designed to provide the highest possible silver recovery. The reagent scheme used in the treatment of lead?��zinc ores varies considerably and depends on the nature and mineralogy of the ore. In most cases, NaCN?��ZnSO4 depressant system is used with xanthate + dithiophosphate collectors. These reagent schemes are normally employed for treatment of carbonatite and coarse-grained massive sulfides. However, for treatment of disseminated massive sulfide ores, a much more complex reagent scheme is used. The type of reagent schemes also varies by regions, where the application of new technology (i.e., new collectors and depressants) in some regions is very slow and the operating plants rely on the old conventional processes and technology. As for copper?��zinc ores, some of the lead?��zinc ores are treated using bulk flotation followed by lead?��zinc separation.

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