Chapter 5 Adhesion

Title Chapter 5 Adhesion
, Elsevier 1981
More details: Publisher Summary When two solid surfaces are brought into contact, adhesion or bonding across the interface can occur. If two solid surfaces are clean and all of the adsorbates are removed, adhesion or bonding of one solid to another always occurs. The nature of the bond strength formed at the interface between the two solid surfaces is a function of the materials in contact. Both adhesion and cohesion are extremely important to the tribologist because they can dictate, to a very large extent, the adhesion and friction forces measured between two solid surfaces in contact. The function of a lubricant is to reduce and minimize the adhesive forces. Solids can be divided into two classes: (1) the relatively brittle materials, and (2) the plastic, or ductile, materials. The simplest way to demonstrate the cohesive bonding forces in a solid is to cleave it along its cleavage plane.

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