Indium sulfide microflowers: Fabrication and optical properties

Title Indium sulfide microflowers: Fabrication and optical properties
Author: Zhu, Hui; Wang, Xiaolei; Yang, Wen; Yang, Fan & Yang, Xiurong
Materials Research Bulletin, 2009
More details: With the assistance of urea, uniform 2D nanoflakes assembled 3D In2S3 microflowers were synthesized via a facile hydrothermal method at relative low temperature. The properties of the as-obtained In2S3 flowers were characterized by various techniques. In this work, the utilization of urea and l-cysteine, as well as the amount of them played important roles in the formation of In2S3 with different nanostructures. Inferred from their morphology evolution, a urea induced precursor-decomposition associated with the Ostwald-ripening mechanism was proposed to interpret these hierarchical structure formation. Furthermore, the optical properties of these In2S3 microflowers were investigated via UV?��vis absorption and photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopies in detail. A. Semiconductors,B. Chemical synthesis,C. Electron microscopy,D. Luminescence,D. Optical properties

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