Effect of silica wall microporosity on the state and performance of TiO2 nanocrystals in SBA-15 matrix

Title Effect of silica wall microporosity on the state and performance of TiO2 nanocrystals in SBA-15 matrix
Author: Zukerman, Roie; Vradman, Leonid; Titelman, Leonid; Weidenthaler, Claudia; Landau, Miron V & Herskowitz, Moti
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2008
More details: TiO2 guest phase was incorporated by internal hydrolysis (IH) method inside SBA-15 mesostructured silica matrices with high and low microporosity (14.2\% and 4.7\% of microporous pore volume, respectively). TiO2 phase was located inside the SBA-15 pores in form of small crystals with anatase structure without blocking the mesopores over wide range of loadings (8?��50\&\#xa0;wt\%) (N2 sorption, \{HRTEM\} and XRD). In the highly microporous SBA-15 (SBA-15-HM), the crystallization of titania anatase phase was detected at 150\&\#xa0;??C due to initiation of the crystallization process in the micropores. This is supported by the fact that the crystallization was significantly delayed and started at 350\&\#xa0;??C inside the SBA-15 with low microporosity (SBA-15-LM). Therefore, it was proposed that the formation of nanocrystalline titania in SBA-15 micropores initiates the nucleation stage thus enhancing the crystallization process of titania in the mesopores. Furthermore, micropores enhanced the dispersion of TiO2 phase. As a result, TiO2/SBA-15-HM adsorbed more vanadia than TiO2/SBA-15-LM. The catalytic activity in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of \{NO\} with ammonia was proportional to the vanadia content. Thus, V2O5-TiO2/SBA-15-HM catalysts were more active than V2O5?��TiO2/SBA-15-LM at all TiO2 loadings due to the higher vanadia content in TiO2/SBA-15-HM than in TiO2/SBA-15-LM. These results show that SBA-15 wall microporosity strongly affects the crystallization, state and performance of the guest phase confined in mesoporous channels of silica matrix. Confined phase,Crystallization,SBA-15 microporosity,Titania,\{NOx\} \{SCR\}

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