Formation and properties of AgInSe2 thin films by co-evaporation

Title Formation and properties of AgInSe2 thin films by co-evaporation
Author: Santhosh Kumar, M.C C.; Pradeep, B. & Kumar, M.C. Santhosh
Vacuum, January 2004
More details: The electrical and optical properties of silver indium selenide thin films prepared by co-evaporation have been studied. X-ray diffraction indicates that the as prepared films were polycrystalline in nature. The lattice parameters were calculated to be a .6137 and b .1816 nm. Composition was determined from energy dispersive analysis of X-ray. Silver indium selenide thin films were also prepared by bulk evaporation of powdered sample for comparative study. They have an optical band gap (Eg) of 1.25 eV and it is a direct allowed transition. Refractive index (n) and extinction coefficient (k) were calculated from absorption and reflection spectra. Steady-state photoconductivity was measured from 300 to 400 K. Carrier lifetime was calculated from transient photoconductivity measurements at room temperature at different intensities of illumination. ?? 2003 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.Co-evaporation,Electrical properties,Optical properties,Photoconductivity,Silver indium selenide,Thin film,co-evaporation,electrical properties,optical properties,photoconductivity,silver indium selenide,thin film

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