T; Abou-Ras

Title T; Abou-Ras
Author: "Strohm, A; Eisenmann, L; Gebhardt, R K; Harding, A; Schl\"{o}tzer
D & Schock, Ga)Se2-based solar cells. ",","Alternative buffer layers \{EMRS\} 2004 Conference France In2S3
Ga)Se2-absorber thin film solar cells. The coevaporation of In and S and the compound-evaporation of In2S3-powder are compared. The production of highly efficient solar cells is only possible under well-defined indium-sulphide growth conditions resulting in high structural order at the buffer/absorber interface and in good process homogeneity and reproducibility. In the present work
More details: InxSyPhotovoltaicsPhysical vapour deposition","," 7,","Su2004","SuYuh-Fan; ChouTse-Chuan; Ling


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