Thin film photovoltaics

Title Thin film photovoltaics
Author: Schock, H.W.
Applied Surface Science, February 1996
More details: The different technologies for thin film photovoltaics are compared. Three main candidates namely a-Si, CdTe and CuInSe2 exhibit specific material properties which require different deposition processes and determine the design of photovoltaic devices. The properties of these material are discussed in detail in view of their advantages, drawbacks and potential for future developments. The present state of the art of thin film solar cell manufacturing is reviewed and the different deposition processes are analyzed in view of material quality and scalability. Specific differences of the semiconductors and their potential for high efficiency solar cells are evaluated. The formation and analysis of these junctions is described and ways for new developments and material combinations are shown. Recent results on the manufacturing issues and performance of thin film modules are reported.

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