Thin-film solar cells: device measurements and analysis

Title Thin-film solar cells: device measurements and analysis
Author: Hegedus, Steven S. & Shafarman, William N.
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 2004
More details: Characterization of amorphous Si, CdTe, and Cu(InGa)Se2-based thin-film solar cells is described with focus on the deviations in device behavior from standard device models. Quantum efficiency (QE), current?��voltage (J?��V), and admittance measure- ments are reviewed with regard to aspects of interpretation unique to the thin-film solar cells. In each case, methods are presented for characterizing parasitic effects common in these solar cells in order to identify loss mechanisms and reveal funda- mental device properties. Differences between these thin-film solar cells and idealized devices are largely due to a high density of defect states in the absorbing layers and to parasitic losses due to the device structure and contacts. There is also commonly a voltage-dependent photocurrent collection which affects J?��Vand QE measurements. The voltage and light bias dependence of these measurements can be used to diag- nose specific losses. Examples of how these losses impact the QE, J?��V, and admit- tance characterization are shown for each type of solar cell. Copyrightadmittance,amorphous si,cdte,cu,inga,quantum efficiency,se 2,thin film

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